RaptorLog discontinued

With the release of .NET 8, Microsoft has taken decisive steps towards making the built-in logging extension feature complete. Combined with .NET 8's comprehensive, revitalized OpenTelemetry support, Microsoft has solved many of the challenges that led to the development of RaptorLog.

The large investments in AOT compilation that Microsoft has made in recent years cannot be ignored either. AOT compilation is here to stay and will eventually become the standard for .NET.

In light of the above, RaptorLog's role has effectively come to an end. All challenges that made RaptorLog an alternative to different logging solutions have been more or less solved with the release of .NET 8. Therefore, it has been decided to stop the further development of RaptorLog.

Nuget packages and container images will continue to be available on nuget.org and docker hub, respectively. The same applies to documentation, which will remain online for the next year or so.



Like other logging libraries for .NET, RaptorLog provides logging to files and the console. What sets it apart is the emphasis on structured logging and the ingress endpoint exposed by the RaptorLog Service that stores all incoming log events to Elastic Search.

By utilizing a central logging service instead of logging to a myriad of logfiles scattered all over numerous servers or files shares etc., log events from multiple applications/sources becomes easy to search by using the built in web ui.


Please go to docs.codeslingers.eu for more information on how to install RaptorLog and how to log events using the client library.


RaptorLog is free for personal use for individuals with non-commercial personal projects.

RaptorLog is free for businesses (including parent entities) with less than $100.000 USD (or equivalent in other currencies) in annual gross revenue and 5 or fewer developers. For license inquiries please contact [email protected]

Lastest version

Latest version is available exclusively as a docker image here and nuget packages are awailable here

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